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What am I doing?

COVID-19, an unavoidable headline these days. The world has seen drastic tragedies in its history over time, but none of them sustained and suffocated the people as COVID-19 did. Everyone is talking, writing, vlogging, and worrying about COVID-19.

So what am I going to do in this blog? Document the COVID victim report? Symptoms of Corona? Share prevention and precaution measures? Tips on productive activities in this quarantine situation?A BIG NOOOOO to all of them. If you are searching any of those in this blog, then guys ☹

This blog is to recap and reform our lives! Nine life-changing moments with COVID-19!

On your mark! Get set!


The arrival of the pandemic has changed the entire world in every single aspect. Starting from our lifestyles, working patterns, self-care routine, hygiene factors, finance, communication, social lifestyle, and even our eating habits. Definitely, this is not only for you and me but for the entire world. But why these changes? How could an invisible virus make this entire world upside down?

Have we ever imagined a day without stepping out of our houses, empty roads, the quiet city, clear sky? I have not. If we take a close look at these changes, it’s not the virus causing them, it’s us, our attitude and actions. Let’s see how our lives got changed after COVID-19.


1. Food, the prime need


You may have seen many memes in social media saying “When the lockdown is announced none of us rushed to buy gold, luxury vehicles or electronic items, it was food.” It is cent percent correct. We were rushing to stock the food items and didn’t even think about any of these luxury items.

So what got prioritized in this scenario? Our needs or wants? It is our needs that should be prioritized first. But throughout our lives, we have been prioritizing our wants. What makes the difference between needs and wants? If I’m hungry and I want to eat food that is called the need. In this scenario, I should be content with whatever the food I get to eat. But if I’m hungry and I want to eat cheesecake then that’s called the “want”. We are being very choosy about the food we eat.

We are even ready to spend lavishly on a cup of coffee with some funky fancy name which can be easily prepared at our home with 1/10th of the amount we pay at the coffee shop. It’s our choice to buy to make it at our home. But the choices are bound by our attitude. In this lockdown, Corona has made us realize that we can survive even without junk foods. Most importantly forgive our expensive choices and adjust with whatever we have.

2. Traffic is controllable


In my entire life, I have never seen a weekday with empty roads and no noise pollution. We all have actually forgotten the real need for having vehicles. Vehicles are used to travel from one place to another within a short period of time without much straining ourselves. Is this actually happening? Not at all. We are stuck in the same place for hours due to the heavy traffic and enjoying the symphony of horns in different pitches🙄. Let it be the driver or the passenger, everyone strains themselves and feels tired after the journey.

Can’t we really control it? Why not, if the same family members avoid using separate private vehicles and use the same vehicle; if the majority of the population use public transport; if the government can improve the public transport services; if we get ready on time rather than waiting till the last moment to step out of the house we can control the traffic. Again, it all depends on our attitude and actions. If we can think to go out of our comfort zone and think a little about others we can solve this for sure.

3. Fuel: Not the fate of the world economy


COVID-19 is a big checkmate for fuel industries. Why? If people can’t go out, then what’s the point in filling the vehicles with fuel? Less need leads to less consumption of fuel. As a result, it has hit very badly on the fuel industry. Until this pandemic arrives we all have thought that the world economy is destined by the fuel industry but the truth the economy is destined by the need and choice of consumers. Yes, we as the consumers play the major part uplifting or put down a product in the market. Be wise when consuming the products.

4. We need less but want more


Most of your bank balances might have increased like never before😍 Did you check it in recent days? If not please check them and you’ll be happy to see it. How come they went up? Did you starve during the quarantine period? Did someone else pay your bills? I hope the answer is no. Then how?

Actually, a product or a service in the market might be required only for less than 50% of the population. But the businesses play huge tricks on us to make us believe that we also need them and make us purchase them. There are plenty of reasons for us to believe their tricks and buy them. Social conviction, fault status we wanted to pretend, show-off, time pass are some lame reasons. But in reality, these are the reasons for the majority of the people to spend on unwanted stuff. If we can survive without these unnecessary items for almost 3 months then why can’t we make it as a practice hereafter? Think about it😉

5. Real Heroes


Who are the real heroes who helped us to fight against the Coronavirus? Film celebrities? Cricket stars? Television personalities? Singers? Dancers? A BIG NOOOOO. The real heroes of COVID-19 are the medical staff including doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, janitory staff, and medical officers. Also, the police officers, defense officers, and delivery guys are the superheroes who helped us to survive through this pandemic situation. The on-screen celebrities can entertain us but these offline heroes are the real lifesavers and protectors. Let’s help them to do their job by supporting them and helping them out by obeying the rules imposed by the government and follow the best hygiene practices recommended by WHO and relevant Health authorities.

6. IT Professionals: The unsung heroes


How did you pay your bills during this lockdown? How did the students continue their studies? How did you get connected with your loved ones? How did you purchase goods for your family? How did most of the people do their jobs by staying at home? How did you get the latest news updates from time to time?

“The world in one click!”, seems to be true ha? If there’s no phones, computers, and internet the entire world might have been stilled. A big thanks to all the IT professionals for making our lives to go on as it is. They are the real unsung heroes during this pandemic situation. Without them, our lives in this lockdown might have been worse than we could ever imagine. Great work heroes!

7. Technology: Bridged the GAP


This pandemic situation made all of us learn to be a part of the virtual world and to operate our day to day activities with the aid of these technologies. For most of the senior citizens, it might be a challenge to accept these changes but nevertheless it’s a great chance for everyone to learn the technologies and to be updated with the current trend😎!

8. Celebrations do not need to be fancy always


It might have been quite a different birthday for many March, April, and May born babies to celebrate their birthdays during this pandemic. All these years we might have celebrated our birthdays with family, friends, and neighbors. Some might have even thrown very grand parties in 5-star, 7-star hotels and clubs. But now, the only people we have around with us to celebrate and share our happiness is our family. No fancy cakes, but still they prepare something they could to make our day special!

In some extreme cases, people have even got married during this pandemic situation in a very simple way with only their family members. COVID-19 has also taught us that special days can be celebrated very simply yet the memories can be cherished forever. This saves a lot of money too… Why don’t you think about having your wedding during COVID-19 season 😉

9. Family members: Very entertaining performers


One good thing about this lockdown is that we were able to spend some quality time with our family members by talking to them, eating together, some arguments😛, cookings, trying out new youtube recipes, cleaning and if your parents are teachers or lecturers then helping them with online classes and youtube videos🙄.

We all might have spent our time on various entertainment platforms but trust me spending time with your family is the best entertainment out of all of them. The media field has been halted due to this lockdown and the television channels are running out of new shows and series. So they are re-telecasting the old shows but you get a variety of entertaining episodes daily at your place with your family. Enjoy the present to the core and cherish these memories!

Let’s windup!

Some of the countries are returning back to their regular work-life in recent times. But the impact of COVID-19 will take time to get resolved, even after that we cannot guarantee whether it will be resolved completely. This time of our lives might be a fun time for few whereas it is actually a hurdle for many people. So let’s try to help each other and most importantly let’s learn the lessons that Corona has taught us and take this time to rebuild our lives!

Happy Quarantine Reading!

Be safe and Be hygiene!



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